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Bottom Line Concepts

They are a no risk, contingency-based cost savings company. They negotiate on behalf of their clients to get the best prices possible from their existing vendors. They audit old invoices for errors getting their clients refunds and credits. They increase the profitability and overall valuation of their client’s organizations. They believe strongly in all species being created equal. Therefore, animal rights, sustainability and protecting the environment for the future generations is paramount to them. Through their “Line Up For Charity” program they give their clients the opportunity to donate part of the cost savings they achieve to causes their clients are passionate about.

Their Process: Based on their in-depth analysis of your business, they bring a holistic perspective to the broad range of areas in which significant savings can be realized.

Their Promise: Zero Risk. Zero Out of Pocket Cost. Zero Obligation.

Their Tools: They offer a unique approach with a team of experts behind each categorical analysis to deliver the greatest savings.

Their Results: They have worked with 1000+ organizations and have collectively saved them over $500,000,000 since 2009.

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