Purpose & Mission of PACAPE

PA CAPE supports and advocates quality nonpublic education for its affiliated schools.

Statement of Purpose:
    Through its common commitment to quality education, the PA CAPE serves to unify its member jurisdictions and schools while respecting their diversity. The association is organized to provide a framework for communication and cooperation among nonpublic jurisdictions and schools in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, preschool through secondary. In addition, PA CAPE strives to maintain productive relationships with the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the Pennsylvania Board of Education, the state and federal government, and other agencies which impact quality education.

In order to fulfill its mission, the PA CAPE:
1. Promotes the vital role of private schools in PA education and their significant contributions to educating the public and promoting the common good.

2. Encourages excellence and pluralism in education and promotes the right of private schools to fulfill their unique missions.

3. Promotes the rights of parents to educate their children in the schools of their choice.

4. Fosters the participation of the private school community in shaping Pennsylvania's education agenda and develops/promotes positions on education policy.

5. Advocates the equitable opportunity of private school students to participate in appropriate state and federal education programs.

6. Monitors and analyzes legislation and regulations affecting private schools.

7. Provides information about private education to policy makers and the public.

8. Keeps the private school community informed on issues and programs.